Our expertise

CONTIQ offers comprehensive legal advice and representation in various areas of commercial law, tailored to the respective situation.

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Frederic Dachs, LL.M. (USD)

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Corporate Law

We advise and represent our clients in all areas of corporate law.

We take care of corporate housekeeping for owner-managed companies and family businesses, advise them on acquisitions and sales of companies (M&A) and design optimal succession solutions. If conflicts arise between shareholders or between shareholders and the management, we work with our clients to find out-of-court solutions first. If this is not possible, we also represent our clients’ interests in court. We enforce shareholder resolutions or bring down adopted resolutions by court order flanked by interim legal protection like injunctions, if necessary.

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We also initially advise young entre-preneurs and start-ups on the formation, the choice of legal form and the drafting of articles of association and shareholder agreements. In the context of financing rounds, we primarily advise founders as well as in-vestors on the negotiation of investment and shareholder agreements. In the case of vesting clauses, tag/drag-along rights or liquidation preferences, we are not satisfied with the argument that these are “standard market practice”. We always negotiate these on a case-by-case basis to achieve the best result for our clients.

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We handle disputes in court and in arbitration proceedings, firm and persistently, where our clients benefit from our extensive experience in litigation. We are committed to enforcing our clients’ claims with the necessary legal thoroughness, while always treating all parties involved respectfully.

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In today’s business world, the de-mands on companies are more com-plex than ever. From cybersecurity and data protection to security in pro-duction and supply chains – the legal framework is diverse and demanding. Companies and their managers face liability risks at every day.

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Rechtsanwalt Stephan M. Brenner

D&O Liability

We advise and represent companies and insolvency administrators in the pursuit and enforcement of liability claims against (former) executive bodies, as well as managing directors and board members in the defense against claims brought against them.

Due to the numerous cases we have handled on both the claimant and the defendant side, are familiar with the challenges that arise as well as the appropriate solutions and strategies.

We also take over the communication with the D&O insurance for our clients in order to achieve optimal results

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Commercial Law

We support our clients in all matters of commercial and general business law, from the negotiation and drafting of their contractual relationships through to legal disputes. Our clients also benefit from both, our many years of litigation experience as well as our experience in drafting contracts, which ena-bles us to recognize potential prob-lems at an early stage and eliminate them accordingly.

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Hintergrund Wasserfall

Employment law

We advise employers in all areas of employment law both out of court, such as in the drafting of employment contracts, and in court disputes with employees.

We advise our clients, among other things, on the preparation of collective employment law measures and support them in negotiations with the works council.

In order to remain competitive as an employer, we support you in the acquisition of personnel through the implementation of new working models (“New Work”).

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In today’s world, it is essential to offer goods and services online. However, providers face a variety of liability risks, particularly in the B2B sector and in connection with the latest legislation on consumer contracts for digital content and services. We know the sources of risk and provide support in setting up and optimizing websites and apps. We ensure that all the necessary content and information for B2B and B2C is available and placed in the right places to legally protect your online presence.

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Rechtsanwältin Dr. Anna-Lena Hoffmann

Data Protection

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data protection law has changed fun-damentally, resulting in increased enforcement of the protection of personal data. Companies are faced with poten-tial fines and claims for damages. Even years after the GDPR came into force, tactical and legal questions continue to arise. We offer comprehensive advice on data protection compliance, from the drafting of business models to representation in official proceedings and legal disputes.

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